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Deficiencies and efficient ways of lean management in bottle blowing machine company

Rely on the core concept of lean management to improve the company's management system.

Deficiencies and efficient ways of lean management of bottle blowing machine company:

Rely on the core concept of lean management to improve the company's management system. The core concept of lean management attaches importance to starting from the key points, and comprehensively improves the internal communication and cooperation efficiency of the organization, so as to obtain higher quality economic benefits and socio-economic benefits. It must be noted that obtaining higher quality economic benefits must depend on strong rules and regulations, so as to reduce the cost of management methods. It is not difficult to see that enterprise managers should resolutely get rid of the traditional extensive management mode, use lean management rules and regulations to slowly replace the extensive management scheme, and start from the key points, Ensure the expansion of enterprise management [2]. To integrate the core concept of lean management into the system management is to reconstruct the company's management system and logic, change the traditional stereotyped system management logic, and promote the design of management scheme to have both coordination ability and fairness. Specifically, the company can independently innovate the logic of management scheme from the following levels.

First, each department within the company must immediately sort out and revise the current rules and regulations and their standards, require employees to summarize the most important tracking matters in routine work, and take this as an important link to optimize the post responsibility system. In addition, it must carry out sufficient communication with employees to master their real cognitive ability of post responsibilities, Use the real results of specific investigation to determine the actual operation standards and common problems of the position.

Second, take the unit and position as the level, establish the job responsibilities of different personas, create a quantitative analysis and evaluation entity model for this purpose, and continue to integrate the new situation of the investigation to upgrade and synchronize the existing quantitative analysis and evaluation entity model, so as to improve the particle size of detailed evaluation and evaluation.

Third, build a performance evaluation scheme and salary incentive management system according to the work content and professional ability. Taking the comprehensive grading of employees' job responsibilities as an example, employees' job responsibilities can be divided into several levels, such as level 3, level 4 and level 5. Therefore, the performance appraisal standards of different levels are determined. Each level is matched with the relative meticulous work and its index value. Once the specific work of employees meets the relative grading norms, It can be determined and reviewed by the personnel department. It must be noted that the review stage must be attended by employees and their senior executives, and determined in many ways according to the methods of discussion and online voting, which will help to ensure that the performance appraisal standards are consistent with employees' specific work and work ability, and finally produce a widely universal detailed management position responsibility indication guide. At the salary incentive level, the determination of this section must fully understand the logic of the performance appraisal system, highlight the differences and nuance of the salary management system, and ensure that all the design ideas of the management system can maintain lean management.