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Longsun is the leader of linear automatic high speed bottle blowing machine.

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Guangdong Longsun Technology Co., Ltd

Longsun is one of the leading global suppliers of PET bottle blow molder and turn-key project for water/edible oil/CSD/fruit juice industries. Even since establishment, we are committed ourselves to being the most responsive and reliable partner, providing high efficient, low power consumption and stable machines and services for our customers.

After years, Longsun became a creative, with own brand and technology manufacturer from a professional OEM supplier. With years production experience and combine with world advanced blow molding technology, we acquire great performance on auto linear bottle blow molder filed and market share. And furthermore, we offer turn-key project service to meet our customers changing need. Over the past years, we have successfully provided solutions and services for customers from over 50 countries and regions around the world.

We are a high-tech enterprise recognized by the state.We have obtained more than ten invention patents and have an excellent research and development team.


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Precautions for maintenance of hollow bottle blowing machine

First, open the mold and open and close the mold manually. If it is normal, run it in the empty running state.

08 Oct,2021

What are the causes of injection molding bottle quality problems of bottle blowing machine

Bottle mouth flash refers to a thin layer of bulge formed by the thread at the bottle mouth or the data at the die closure.

27 Sep,2021

Deficiencies and efficient ways of lean management in bottle blowing machine company

Rely on the core concept of lean management to improve the company's management system.

27 Sep,2021

Influence of Sino US trade relations on blow molding machine industry

Since the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and the United States in 1979...

27 Sep,2021

How to maintain the beverage bottle blowing machine

Coarse adjustment. Loosen the four front nuts and their pressing plates of the pull rod to make the adjusting...

27 Sep,2021